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Only one man can save New York City from six of Spider-mans most notorious villains…Spider-Cop!

Spider-Man PS4 captured what it truly means to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-man we’ve all grown to love. With what many were afraid it was going to be a cheap cash grab on a famous franchise, Insomniac Studios proved all doubters wrong with this new Playstation classic.

Insomniac did a great job overall with gameplay. Swinging through Manhattan felt amazing and seamless. Especially when adding web zips, and timing jumps for a perfect boost. The combat felt good, but not great at some point is. It really the only thing that could use some fine tuning or more variety but I have no doubt we’ll see improvements for the next installment.

I was shocked to see how many unlockable skills there were. Each skill made me feel more equipped and more capable of taking on tougher situations. Not only was the skill tree very thorough, but the amount of suits you could unlock was amazing. So adding collectibles like Peters backpacks or Landmark photos onto the already long story, you’re left with hours upon hours of fun objectives.

But where Insomniac shines the brightest is within the story. It did an amazing job with pace and was able to fluently tell a great story while juggling six (sinister) major villains. Insomniac made head turns as they revealed Mr. Negative (AKA Martin Lee) as the lead protagonist. Or at least that’s how it looked with the initial reveal trailers and early missions. Why wouldn’t they choose green goblin? Why wouldn’t they choose Doc Oc?

Spiderman Mr NegHowever this choice proved to be extremely beneficial for them. Through Martin Lees story we were able to gain a true understanding of not only him, but other characters as well. His relationship with Aunt May was extremely beneficial to both characters. It showed us the warm and loving mother figure Aunt May always is, while also showing us the human side of Lee. We saw he had a genuine love for the community he was trying to help. Which made his evil turn that more important.

All of Peters relationships felt equally thought out. It didn’t really feel like a character was receiving the short end of the stick. Being able to play as Mary Jane was a huge shock to me. It was an odd feeling playing as a normal person in a world of superheroes. But thankfully her moments in the game made sense.

Being able to play as Miles Morales was another shock. When his dad was killed in the bombing and you go looking for him, but instead find Demons, (Lees henchman) the mission turned into a heart breaking stealth section as you crawled through rubble and saw people die. It was an extremely dark moment that was handled properly. A terrorist attack in New York could’ve been a very sticky situation for Insomniac. But they handled it in a very realistic and respectable way.

But the relationship that stands out the most is Peter and Doctor Octavius. William Salyers knocks it out of the park with an amazing performance. His relationship with Peter (played by Yuri Lowenthal) felt so real. The two had amazing chemistry and were able to tell a classic story while making it feel unique.

You truly felt bad for Doc whenever an experiment would fail. The more he ran into roadblock after roadblock and would be filled with rage, you could see that classic villain we all know slowly creep out. But you didn’t want it to happen. I kept asking myself, maybe Insomniac won’t do it? Maybe Doc will be good? Nope, not the case at all.

Norman Osborn shutting his research down was the last straw. Otto was out for revenge. And the breakthrough experiments you helped make turned into the iconic four robotic arms. Early on you very well knew what it was you were making. You saw it coming from a mile away. But his character development made sense and was completely justified.

Spiderman Doc Ock

Like Lee, he was willing to do anything for revenge. Both shared a hatred for Osborn and there motives made sense. We were able to see the human side of these men and were able to in away sympathize with them. But both were willing to sacrifice anyone to get what they wanted. Otto was willing to go through Peter and kill thousands.


The BALLS on Insomniac for KILLING Aunt May in their first game! Maybe in their third game, MAYBE second!? But, like every serious moment in this game, it felt like it was handled properly. Docs attack on New York bared very serious and real consequences that really made him Peters worst enemy. It was a very emotional moment as I was waiting for Peter to have that “genius” moment he tends to have, but he didn’t. I’ll admit it, I teared up.

It’s going to be very interesting seeing a Spiderman story without Aunt May. A huge plus will be that Insomniac will be able to focus on characters like Miles, MJ, Yuir, and Harry Osborn.

Speaking of Harry…WTF was that ending?! I’m not saying that in a bad way whatsoever. If they plan on making Harry Venom, that might be the best thing to come from this series. That would be such a unique and special twist on both characters! I’m all for it.

I’m glad to see a franchise I grew up with finally land at a studio that truly cares. Sky is the limit for Insomniac. I’m so invested in this world they are making. So much so I earned my 1st platinum trophy (That means I completed everything there is to do in the game). Also, I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming DLC and do plan on writing a review for each one. If you have a PS4, this is an absolute must get.

Here are some of my favorite moments I captured with photo mode!

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919215642Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919211410Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919213022Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919213854Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919212351Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919212527Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919185149Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919204633Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919210552Marvel's Spider-Man_20180912120019Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919205130Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919210626Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919210156Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919214513Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919214112Marvel's Spider-Man_20180919211220

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