Wallows 2A few months ago, I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and came across this band called, ‘Wallows’. It was posted from ‘The Late Late Show with James Cordon’. In the thumbnail I recognized the lead singer. It was the dude from ’13 Reasons Why’? He’s in a band? I remember thinking, “Oh this is probably him and his friend doing a one off ‘let’s make a band’ thing and they probably only have like three songs.”

I couldn’t have been more WRONG. I was completely blown away by the way they were playing! They were playing a song called “Pictures of Girls”. What I thought would be this corny, vanilla, typical songs about girls turned out to be so much more.

Wallows 2The opening guitar riffs instantly get your heart jumping. Next thing you know, you’re jamming out to these three guys putting on a killer performance. They have a very unique sound and do an amazing job at letting each member shine. These guys sound like a mixture of Interpol and The Killers with maybe a little Paramore.

I knew right away that I had to look into these guys more. I discovered their new (and first) EP called ‘Spring’. It’s a short EP that consists of six songs and should only take you about 20 minutes to get through. There’s also three stray singles out.

Again, just blown away the more and more I listened. Each song had something new. Each was unique and was able to stand out. Not only did each song have unique feel, it would switch vocalist. I initially thought Dylan (Mignonette) was the only vocalist. I knew Braeden (Lemasters) would also sing, but only as backup. That wasn’t the case at all.

Songs like ‘It’s Only Right’ splits it pretty evenly between the two. Switching off between both Braeden and Dylan while Cole (Preston) gives the band their signature groove and tempo. Dylan and Braeden have instant chemistry and are able to tell these beautiful stories that wouldn’t have the same impact with one vocalist.

Track three, ‘Let the Sun In’, is my personal favorite. It very reminiscent of a 1960’s love song. Almost like ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E King. I was (again) pleasantly surprised to hear that the song was only sung by Braeden. Braeden absolutely kills it. It’s a song you rarely hear in this current time. His vocals are beautifully complimented by a trumpet that helps elevate the song and give it a feeling of warmth and comfort. (like the sun)

Braeden also sings the song ‘1980’s Horror Film’. It’s a song that is very lyric heavy. The instrumentals are turned down so you can really hear the story Braeden is telling about this girl he’s in love with. They go to her room to watch (you guessed it) a 1980’s horror film. The bass picks up as Braeden expresses the anxiety and fear he’s having while he’s with this girl. Emotions are rising and the big moment is about to happen. The mood was right, they laid in the bed to watch the movie, a move was going to be made…then BOOM! She tells him with the “I’m not that really into guys.” (Damn you Jamie!)
(Just had an idea. Her name is Jamie…it’s about a 1980’s Horror film. Jamie Lee Curtis?!)

Michael Rise Muthafucka


They actually just released a music video for this song. It’s a hilarious twist to the song but still manages to have those heartwarming lyrics. The band is completely 80’s out with crazy fashion and hair. They actually change the instrumentals for the song. I’ve never seen it done before. This band does an amazing job with displaying variety.

Over the summer the band released a music video for the song ‘These Days’. A great song that again uses both vocalist. The guitar riff about two minutes in is just icing on the cake. The song hits hard while keeping that signature ‘Wallows’ vibe and groove.

Singles like ‘Pleaser’, ‘Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House’  and ‘Pulling Leaves off trees’ feel like diamonds in the rough. These are tracks that should not be overlooked because they’re not on the EP.

This band is killer. I’m don’t understand how they’re not bigger. Part of me loves that though. Feels like an underground that only I know. (An “underground” on the Late Late Show? That doesn’t make sense). Check them out, You wont regret it.


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