She’s a Maniac!

Let me begin by saying that I have been on a roll lately when it comes to movie selections. From “Good Will Hunting” to “Creed 2”. Per the request of one Jessica Rose Clark, I watched “Flashdance” for the first time. I new nothing about this movie. All I knew was the iconic water scene, that’s it.


I had ZERO expectations for this movie. I was expecting a super corny 80’s movie with a great soundtrack. There were some funny moments that maybe weren’t supposed to be funny? Either way the movie is not what I expected. But for better or worse?

Before I actually give my opinion on the movie let me just share the movie ratings from other sites. IMDB gives “Flashdance” a 6.1/10, Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 35%, and Good Will Hunting.gifMetacritic gives it a 39%. This movie was no where near a 35%! You know what movie was a 35% if not lower? “Assassins Creed The Movie”! That movie was garbage. So to say that “Flashdance” is barely better then the AC movie is just criminal! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Was it on the same level as “Good Will Hunting”? No obviously not. But it was damn enjoyable. I found my self having genuine reactions as I was slowly getting invested. Which came as a genuine shock to me. I have nothing in common with Alex but yet I really enjoyed her character. Especially the side characters like Richie and Jeanie.

The choreography was spot on. Those dance sequences were impressive as hell. It was equivalent to the drum scenes in “Whiplash”. I couldn’t dance like that if my life depended on it. The soundtrack that went along with it? Fucking awesome. It was like a Rocky training montage . Specifically when he was in the mountains in “Rocky IV”.

Again, I overall really enjoyed this movie. I refuse to give it a star rating or anything on a scale of 1-10 because whatever I give it, it’ll be too low for Ms. Clark. If you haven’t seen “Flashdance” you should definitely give it a watch. Or as Ms. Clark would say, “Dude what the fuck?!”


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