Personal Blog #1

*Full disclaimer, this is just a lot of rambling*

Well hello there! Nice to see ya again. It’s been a good second since I’ve written anything on this page. Which I have no real excuse for so my apologies. You also may be wondering who exactly I am speaking to, I sound like I’m trying to speak to my millions and million of fans. Obviously I’m not. I’m writing mainly to myself and to the one reader who went on a deep rabbit hole that somehow ended up on this page.

(and to you I say, hello!)

I think these personal blogs are just going to be a flow of whatever I am thinking. It’s a healthy thing to do. Keeping anything bottled up for a certain amount of time is always unhealthy.  That being said the major question I want to ask myself is, “Why haven’t I been writing?”. Quite simply, I don’t really know. Which is okay. It’s okay to not know. (to an extant).

In the beginning of 2019 I had started my math class. Full disclaimer I am absolute dog shit at math. I was so stressed for this class and got a lot of anxiety from it. I had also planned on interviewing former UFC Fighter and current pro-wrestler “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Luckily I know Tom. I was very fortunate enough to take his jiu-jitsu classes at Syndiate MMA. Those classes were extremely fun and I wish the gym was closer because I would go (most likely) everyday. But it was very far and very expensive.

Frank Mir

Me and Tom had tried to coordinate an interview, but schedules just didn’t align. For this interview, it’s really only a matter of when not if. But since our schedules didn’t align and my math class was getting hectic, I saw it as a sign. As much as I am looking forward to this interview, I want to give it 100% of my attention. Luckily I passed math, but my woman’s studies class is starting to really pick up. So I’m really gonna push for this to happen this summer.

I had actually planned on writing a review article for the Resident Evil 2 Remake. And also an album review for the new Wallows album “Nothing happens”. For the RE2 review, I would just lock up whenever I tried to type anything. Which really put into perspective something important. As much as I enjoy writing, my real love lies with podcasting. Or any form of media that requires a voice/personality.

Which again, connects to my interview with Tom. I might try podcasting for that interview. And what an amazing first show/guest couldn’t ask for anyone better.

It sucks because I was looking forward to the new wallows album and RE2 game specifically for writing review. Yet I didn’t execute on it. I’m also listening to the new Billie Eilish album as well, so that would be another piece i’d like to write. But I don’t think that’ll happen. So i’ll at least write a small paragraph for each one.

Resident Evil 2: Remastered

This was my first Resident Evil game. I had played 3/4 of RE5 but got stuck at that weird volcano part and just gave up. But this game showed me why this series was so critically acclaimed and praised. They brought back that old, classic horror we so deeply needed in the world of video games. This game was amazing and terrifying. So much anxiety was given from this game. And there was so many times was were I was swearing at myself for buying this stupid ass game because I was scare shitless. Fuck you Mr.X. Hopefully we get RE4 Remastered, or Re3: Nemesis. If you have a Ps4, I think this game is a must play. It’s absolutely apart of the classic Ps4 lineup. (along with God of War, Last of Us, etc.)

RE2 Mr. X.gif

Wallows: Nothing Happens

I discovered the band “Wallows” from their first guest appearance on James Corden’s Late Night Show. I was hooked ever since. And I had found them during the summer, so whenever I played video games they were on in the background. I fell in love with this band. I even own the vinyl for their EP “Spring”. I really really enjoyed this album. And I wish I could attend their concert. I was trying to make a list of my personal favorites right now. But then I realized that I was pretty much just listing the entire album. But two songs that particularly stood out to me was Treacherous Doctor and Remember When. Those songs to me have really showcased how talented this band is, and how much they have evolved. Definitely looking forward to the many future albums.

(if ya’ll are reading this can i have 3 minutes for an interview? I’ll make the drive and pay for everything. No? Well damn)


Prior to this album I had listened to a total of 0 minutes of Billie. I had seen clips and saw her episode of “Billie Eilish Reacts to Teens Reacting to Billie Eilish”. Even then, I never listened to a full song. I had no expectations because I didn’t know what to expect. And goddamn Billie made an amazing album. Not a single bad song on this album. Such a solid piece of work. I can honestly say I think Billie might have the best voice I’ve ever heard because it feels so effortless.  The funky beats, instrumentals, and transitions worked so well and made sense. This album definitely made me a fan.

I’ve been listening to a lot of “The Joe Rogan Experience” lately. It’s perfect for work. It’s a fun, thought provoking, chill podcast. I’ve tweeted this before but I do think future history classes will play clips of JRE. Since i’ve been listening a lot of JRE, obviously I’ve been working out more, doing DMT, smokin weed, and talking about conspiracy theories. That’s just how the cookie crumbles when you listen to Joe. Joe will absolutely be considered the god father of podcasting.

Well… I think I’m done rambling. Thank you for once again reading absolutely nonsense. Hopefully I post an interview (hopefully podcast) soon.

Joe Rogan

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