Personal Blog#2: Summer Time

It’s August 26th, 2019, the first day of my sophomore year of college. Summer has officially come to a close. And what a long summer it was.

Summer is weird time of year for me. It’s the beginning of a much needed break and the beginning of Nevada’s notorious heat. Usually for the beginning of May I enjoy the heat. It’s not that bad. Once July and August start to creep around the heat is a joke and it feels like a personal attack with how atrocious it is. That being said I don’t do myself any favors considering 95% of my wardrobe is black clothes (which im trying to change). Aside from that, what did I do this summer you ask? A lot actually.

The Struggle

The start of my summer wasn’t anything to brag about. I drive a 2009 Mazda 3 that is all black with all black interior (you can imagine how great it feels in 110 degree heat). This Mazda is a trooper. Up until this summer we didn’t have to make any real big fixes or repairs. But not everything is perfect, things break…like my car!

I was on my way to a friends house when all of a sudden, a light on the dashboard popped up. Instinctively I assumed it was the tire pressure light, nope. When I looked down, I read a little light that said “engine”. I had never seen this before so I did the smart thing and left the car home and got a ride just in case. A pit in my stomach was slowly starting to form but I was going to hang with friends so I quickly forgot about it. I didn’t completely disregard it, it was still in the back of my head but there wasn’t really anything I could do.

It’s the next day and it’s time for me to go to work. Maybe it was a glitch and the light would go away, yeah no that’s not how life works. I was pulling off the freeway and was at this point about five minutes from work. Then all hell broke loose. Every single light on that dash light like a damn Christmas tree. The audio on my aux started to go out and my wheel started to get real stiff. Keep in mind I’m barely getting off the freeway in front of the Fiesta Casino, it’s extremely busy.

Spongebob Brain On Fire.gif

On top of everything I was catching every single light in that tiny little stretch, which never happens. Every time the light would turn green I would press the accelerator and the car was trying so hard to just move. My car somehow made it to the final light and I had a very important decision to make in about 10 seconds. Do I stop to make a left at the light or do I make a left down the road with no light. Again, this street is very busy. This light takes a good 3-4 minutes before it is your turn again. I didn’t want to risk it so I made the left down the road. At this point my car was basically just rolling on its own. I had to pull that steering wheel so hard to make a left. Once I (barely) parked, the car just died.

Summer had just started, and I was car-less. The repair would cost roughly $600. Which isn’t NEARLY as bad as could be. However, because I like to make my life difficult, I didn’t have $600. Saving money isn’t a strong feature of mine, but this was a wake up call like no other. After about a month and a few weeks, I was finally able to make the payment. Or so I thought. Because I still had “high school checking” account, I couldn’t make that large of a transaction. I had to watch em roll my newly fixed car back in the shop and wait another day. That was the longest day of my life.


Luckily July was a much different story. Things were finally going right. The highlight for all of June was my trip to Big Bear Lake. Me and seven of my friends rented a cabin for the weekend. It was an absolute blast and exactly what I needed after a month of stress. The house was amazing and perfect for all of us. I think we went to the ‘The Village’ everyday. We would try different food places for lunch then head back to the cabin for dinner where we’d make dinner. Each night we would all help make dinner. I believe the first night Jacob and Adam grilled hot dogs (feat. Kyle and Seth making fries), second night me and Marc made Carne Asada, third night they made past, and then we ordered a pizza on our last night.

Almost all the dinners were good, except for mine and Marcs. Now let me begin by saying I think Marc messed it up from the beginning. When we got to the cabin, Marc said he was going to put the Carne in the freezer. That didn’t sound right to me. I never hear about Carne in the freezer. The meat is so thin as it is, it just didn’t seem right. So I said not to do that. So Marc went ahead and did it anyways. This meat was seasoned and marinated to perfection. I don’t put all the blame on Marc however. I probably overcooked it too much. In fact I did. It was beef jerky. Good beef jerky, but beef jerky nonetheless.

We did fun activities while we were up there of course. We visited the Big Bear zoo (which was actually kinda sad and I don’t think I like zoos anymore), we went kayaking, we went for a hike, and we played ‘CLUE: Game of Thrones Edition’ every night. We would cap every night off with a marathon of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I hadn’t fully watched that show in years. It’s my favorite cartoon without a doubt, it had just been a minute. Folks I am here to tell you that show ages like fine wine.

Sokka High As Fuck

To say it holds up is an understatement. The laughs were better, the sad moments were even sadder. (The last episode that the voice actor for Uncle Iroh, Mako Iwamatsu, performed in brought Jacob to tears). Right when I went home I bought the entire series so I could finish it. Fine wine my friends, fine wine.

A yearly trip with all your friends is something everyone should try to do. It has easily become my favorite part of the year. I feel even closer to those guys then I had already felt. We have a ton of jokes from that trip that will last a lifetime (i.e- bitch). I’ll always look a back on that week and smile. Hopefully that trip becomes a tradition.

The Bois BIg Bear


August is always a weird month to me. August is not only my birthday month, but the slow end to summer. So it’s always a bitter sweet month to me. I get to start a new chapter in my life, but then at the end of the month I have to say bye to my friends. It’s just always a 50/50 month for me.

My 19th birthday was a fun one. I had a birthday lunch with friends on the 16th, then I had a family barbecue for the UFC fights/birthday. Luckily the card was a birthday gift in it’s own way. That was one of the best fight cards I had seen. I got to watch one of my top two favorites fighters that night, Daniel Cormier. I’ve been a fan of DC for a good bit. Funny enough, Jon Jones made me love Daniel even more. That was the first rivalry I was ever emotionally invested in when it came to MMA.

Daniel Cormier.jpg

(DC and Demetrious Johnson are my two all time favorites. Also every time I go to the gym, at some point I tuck my shirt in like DC. A small way of mentally telling myself it’s time to put in some work.

Sadly, it wasn’t DC’s night. As of now, we don’t really know what’s next for him. Is he going to retire, or is there one more fight? Ariel Helwani has said it best, DC has nothing left to prove. He’s one of the all time greats. He can retire. I’m not sure if the competitor in DC is done yet (to be fair he’ll probably never really feel “done”)

Video Games fro Summer 2019

-Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus-

Wolfenstein 2My games list for the summer isn’t a long one. In the beginning of the summer I finally downloaded Wolfenstein 2. I had played all the recent releases of the series. Weirdly enough during the recap I remembered absolutely nothing from the previous games. That didn’t take away from this game luckily. I was thoroughly enjoying it. However I ran into a problem. I had gotten (i think) to the end of the game. But whenever I went to start the mission, the game would crash. The game was huge, in terms of storage, so that essentially marked the end of my play through. But I loved it. I’ll probably replay them all soon. Killing Nazis is fun

-Batman: Arkham Series-

I can easily write 1,000 words on why I love this series. But I’ll keep it short. Game Pass had all three Arkham games for download. So why not play the entire thing all over again?! While the movement or combat of the first two may not necessarily hold up completely, the story and world is as good as it was the first time. If you haven’t played these games and you love Batman/DC Comics (or the super hero genre in general) what are you waiting for? Play them!

Batman Arkham Knight.gif

Soundtrack for Summer 2019

-Pusha T: Daytona & King Push- Darkest Before Dawn [Prelude]-

I can’t express how much I love hip-hop. Rap has molded who I am (In fact my next tattoo is rap related). Im kinda picky when it comes to rap. Having grown up on Eminem, Tupac, 50  Cent, and the 90’s era as a whole I really only like story tellers when it comes to rap. That’s a very obvious reason why I love J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and so forth. I like dissect the liyrics and stories.

(doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy guys like 21 Savage, YBN Cordae, or A$AP Rocky)

That being said I cannot express how disappointed I am in myself for BARELY listening to Pusha T. The production from Kanye with the raw and grimy rhymes of Pusha is a match made in heaven. Pusha heavily raps on drugs. But he does it SOOO good. I can’t recommend Daytona enough.


-YBN Cordae: The Lost Boy-

I had no clue who Cordae was prior to his cipher for this years XXL Freshman. His album was shortly released after so I figured, why not? It may be because I NO expectations, But I was thoroughly impressed with this album. Blown away in fact. Cordae is only 22 years  old (happy birthday btw). I was not expecting a very, personal and vulnerable able going into it. Cordae is very honest in this album and lets you in. If you don’t know who he is, this the perfect intro album to him.

Funny thing is he made a response to J. Coles song ‘1985’ which wasn’t necessarily dissing current rappers, it was more of a TED talk to them. Instinctively I scoffed and was like “he really trying to diss Cole??” To my surprise, it wasn’t a diss! He took the same approach as Cole and instead simply said “hey lets find middle ground between our generations. Now I mention this because Cordae actually reminds me of Cole, like a a lot. The way Cordae raps, the way he does his own backup vocals, his instrumentals, Cole heavy vibes. (stick with me) To me, this album has the fresh debut feeling of Coles album ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’, while also having beats/instrumentals like ‘Born Sinner’, and the story telling of ‘4 Your Eyez Only’.

I can confidently say Cordae has all the potential to be better then Cole. If I’m getting Junior/Sophomore Cole album vibes from his DEBUT album, where will this dude be three albums later?? Sky is the limit for this guy. Not one bad song on this album.

(Favorite tracks: Family Matters, Nightmares Are Real (feat. Pusha T), Lost and Found, and Lost and Found)

-Hayley Heynderickx: I Need to Start a Garden-

Yes I am aware this took a MAJOR turn. We went from rappin about drugs to calm acoustic. I found Hayley from her Tiny Desk NPR concert. I instantly fell in love with this album. This album is a great change of pace when I need something calm and relaxing. If you need some good music while you study or read, I recommend this album.

What’s Next?

So what’s next for me? Well I am happy to report that I finally landed another interview! I attended a tiny pro-wrestling indie show called “Natural Born Killers” that was hosted by Killer Kross. It was a hybrid of MMA and Pro-wrestling. Super fun show with an insane ending. Jon Moxley made a surprise run in and tore the house down with Kross. After the show I DM’d Kross asking for an interview and he said yes! The interview has already been conducted and the drafts have been written. It should be ready within the next week hopefully. Even if you have to clue who he is, I think you guys will love it.

(Written prior to interview being posted)

As stated earlier, I started my sophomore year of college today. This year is a big deal for me. To keep it real, I did trash my freshman year. My goal is to transfer to UNR and graduate from there. With my performance last year, not gonna happen. I need to hit it out of the park this year if I wanna transfer. I know I can do it. This summer has taught me a lot.

I consistently went to the gym and really focused on improving myself. The gym has taught me great habbits with being repetitive and putting in work. School and gym may Cody Listening.gifhave no correlation and it probably doesn’t make any sense. But it’s given me a whole new level of confidence in my abilities. So far my classes don’t seem to bad. Like Cody Rhodes says “Do the work” or even Daniel Cormier, “Embrace the grind.” If I want all these great things, I gotta work for them. So, it’s time to do the work.

Once again thank you for reading 2,458 words of absolute nothing. I appreciate it. Till next time, I must bid you adieu.

Kenny Omega GB&GN.gif

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