Authenticity: Killer Kross Interview

“You can’t abandon the pursuit of wealth, but you can pursue your passion as well. Find the balance. And you will – if it’s important to you.” – Killer Kross


What’s your image of pro wrestling? Is it an overly patriotic man telling you to eat your vitamins and say your prayers? Or is it a “jet flying, kiss stealing, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun?” who yells “WOO!” Whatever it may be, pro wrestling has provided generations of fans with characters that appear larger than life. In the process, seeing someone who comes off authentic and real is rare. However, pro wrestling’s latest rising star, Killer Kross, has somehow mastered the balance of fiction and non-fiction, blurring that line that makes you question what’s real and what’s not. But what makes him so successful at what he does? The answer is simple: authenticity. 

The New York-born Kross, who now makes his home in Las Vegas, has taken his business by storm in just four short years. Within those four years, Kross has worked for many major promotions all over the world, appearing on national television for major promotions Impact Wrestling, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, and Lucha Underground. And though his dominance in Mexico and stardom in Impact Wrestling are notable and impressive, the man behind Killer Kross is where the real story was.

That being said, how does he successfully blur the line of a work and shoot so well?  

“Because I pay attention to what people like and I execute with sincerity,” said Kross. 

Kross is Superman

There really isn’t a better way to put it. Whether you’re watching a video of Kross obliterating his opponents, or reading one of his daily motivational quotes, you can’t help but feel the authenticity. He brings a real sense of legitimacy when executing his hybrid style of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. And don’t let his 6-foot-3 frame trick you. Kross is a legitimate athlete who knows how to be light on his feet and move like a cruiserweight. 

He is also a man wise beyond his 34 years, both in and out of the ring. How did he acquire this unique outlook on life, though? That was a question Kross didn’t even seem to have nailed down just quite yet. However, what he did offer as an answer was simple; it’s how you choose to live your life.  

“I only do what I love and I structure my life around that. It’s not easy, but it’s my preferred way to live. I don’t participate in activities that enslave my mind or indulge in people that are negative.” 

It’s no secret that the bright lights and fame can blind someone and make them forget who they were before it all. In a moment you may be the hottest thing and on top of the world. The next, the spotlight is off of you and your “moment” is a thing of the past. While Kross hasn’t been around as long as you’d think, he is no stranger to the big stage and the spotlight. Living in the moment seems to be a challenge for many. However for the Las Vegan, it’s a simple choice. 

“Living in the moment and being present is nothing more than a choice. People have convinced themselves it’s more complicated or they get the “but, but, but” syndrome. Happiness, gratitude, and center peace is a choice you make. If you actually want it, simply choose it and prioritize it as a staple in your life.”

With fame and notoriety comes wealth. Nowadays, it seems that money makes the world go round and is the center of almost everything. Many people can and will discourage you from your goals and dreams if it doesn’t make money. At the same time, if you really follow what you love, you won’t have to worry about money (to an extent). 

When I expressed this to Kross, he provided me more insight on the importance of money and the side of it that many may not have fully realized just yet. One thing being that money is actually very important, it’s how you view the wealth and live with it that truly affects the soul. 

Killer Kross potential cover“…if you allow that (money) to become your god and reason for getting up every day, you’re setting yourself up for a living hell. People are naturally creative until they suppress their own creativity out of shame or a misplaced sense of ‘adulthood.’ Somewhere along the way, a social idea formed that creativity, dreaming and true passion became associated with adolescents. And that’s a crock of sh*t,” said Kross. He believes this way of thinking and living is an ideology created by those who failed or gave up so they wouldn’t feel so pathetic and lonely. 

It’s clear that by simply reading these quotes, you can feel the honesty that lies within them. Whether you knew about Kross prior to this interview, it doesn’t take much to see why he’s growing bigger by the day. He is real and honest with his words and his actions. Whenever he speaks, you can’t help but want to listen. At the moment we don’t know what’s next for Kross nor did I want to know. Because I know wherever Kross decides to show up next, we’ll be in for a treat, and god bless whoever he’s standing across from.  

Images provided by and @brainbuster_

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