Killer Kross: A Retrospective

After I interviewed UFC fighter, Jessica Rose Clark, I wrote a piece on my experience with that interview. I really liked that piece and plan on doing that for all future interviews. Writing about those moments and analyzing how I felt before and after felt very beneficial as I was essentially reviewing myself. That being said, it’s time to look back on  my interview with Killer Kross!

So, how did this interview come about? Was there networking or hoops I had to jump through for this opportunity? Luckily, there wasn’t any of that. It all came from a simple Instagram DM! But it actually goes back a little bit further, specifically to July 5th.

Towards the beginning of summer I started to really notice Kross and all he was doing. Kross is actually a local here in Vegas so being able to see him was very possible. Turns out I was in luck because he was hosting a show at the FSW Arena. The card was filled with guys and girls from Xtreme Couture MMA as well as other wrestlers (Austin Aries, ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor, Simon Grimm (aka Simon Gotch), Dan Severn, Frank Mir, and Scarlett Bordeaux).

The event was very unique because of its rules. Instead of the normal 1,2,3 pinfall count, the only way to win was from either submission or KO. It was essentially a hybrid of both MMA and Pro-Wrestling (two things I love). I brought my friend Jacob with me and he also had a blast. Which says something to me because he had never seen pro wrestling live.

Natural Born KillersIt was a great card that had a HUGE pay off. One of pro wrestling’s hottest guys, Jon Moxley, made a surprise run in! I’ll always look back on that moment and smile. I’ll never forget that anticipation of waiting to see who was walking through that curtain. In that moment it never occurred to me he could appear (im ashamed I didn’t see it coming). When he walked through that curtain I lost my shit. Jacob was SO confused because he had no clue who he was hahaha. (The idea of seeing someone come out and then seeing everyone in the room freak out and having no clue what’s happening is hilarious to me)

But that’s enough about that night. I could write a whole article regarding that day but we’d be here forever. I highly recommend watching the show. You can buy it over on the FITE app. Do it cowards!

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that Im very picky with who I interview. I know I’ve only done two (hopefully three soon) but I like to put a lot of thought in who I’m interviewing. I think it was a combination of a few things that made me land on Kross. It was the combination of enjoying his content on social media and his sincere outlook on life. His in ring abilities were the cherry on top. Yes he is a freak athlete, but the man behind it all is what drew me.

Kross didn’t seem like that hard of a guy to reach. He is very interactive with fans on social media so it seemed easy. And luckily it was. Im sure I got lucky, but I like to imagine that it was easy for a reason. A lot of times in life all we need is a chance. It’s creating that chance that en lies the real challenge. Sometimes to create opportunity you just have to ask for it. I know I’m not always going to be that lucky, but opportunity comes to those who create it (s/o Charlamagne).

In my mind I created the opportunity with Kross by doing the interview with Ms. Clark (established credibility). The only way for me to truly capitalize off that was by simply asking for an opportunity. And I’m glad I did because what I got in return was a lot of knowledge.

(Finally, here is what i’ve been trying to get to this entire time)

Kross is Superman

My interview with Kross was over Instagram. I sent him my questions and then he sent me his responses. I didn’t ask him anything that could warrant a yes or no response. I asked real questions that required real answers. And that is exactly what he gave me.

I think it’s safe to say that I look for “guidance” when I do interviews (I don’t necessarily mean guidance for myself). I like to interview people who can offer a different out take/view on life. Whether it be from their actions, career, or words. I ask myself “Okay what piece of wisdom/lesson/story can this person give that could help someone.”

(That part probably came out very confusing and jumbled so my apologies)

I really do love the quotes he gave me. I think they’re very well thought out and contain a lot of wisdom.

Lately I’ve been in this weird place mentally that I haven’t really ever been in. Mentally I’m feeling really refreshed and motivated. It’s the most motivated I’ve ever felt emotionally and physically. I don’t think I have it pinned down just yet on why that is, but there ya go. It just feels like I’ve been soaking up knowledge better as of late with everything.

There’s specifically one part of a quote from Kross that I’ve been thinking about ever since the interview. When I asked him about living in the moment he started off by saying, “Living in the moment and being present is nothing more than a choice.” Specifically the, “…nothing more than a choice” part.

I think we (definitely I) overwhelm ourselves with our thoughts and goals. Our mind can just get very very loud with everything we think. My biggest issue is that my mind is always running 24/7 with thoughts and ideas. But when I read that sentence things just seemed more clear. It probably sounds very dramatic but sometimes you just need someone to explain something in the most basic way. The way he broke down something that was very “complex” to me in a very basic way made an impression on me.

A lot of life choices are just simple choices. You want to be more fit? Okay then go to the gym. You want to read more? Then read more? You want better mental health? Okay then work on better mental health. I’m not saying that this thinking will unlock the door to fixing all your problems, but I do think that the self acknowledgment of knowing you can start a positive change can cause the chain reaction you’re looking for.

The Daily Stoic Ryan Holiday.jpgSo, how has this interview “changed me”. As I said earlier, this is the most confident I’ve ever felt. Seeing the wisdom Kross had was very inspiring. Since the interview happened I’ve tried to really organize my thoughts with school, journalism, gym, and just overall life. I even purchased a new book called The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. So far it’s been a great read and I can’t recommend it enough. Growing as person mentally has been my top priority lately. So far putting that first has made a lot of things much easier.

Sadly, I never got to speak to Kross in person. However I’m more then certain I will at some point in my life. I just know it’ll be a great conversation. 

Once again, thank you for reading 1,266 words about nothing. Hopefully this next interview pans out. As of now it’ll be the biggest one I’ve done. Thank you for your time! Now I must bid you adieu!

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