A Year of Growth

Ahh, another year in the books. 2019 was a very strange year…

Throughout the article I will be inserting some of my favorite songs from the year. Not all of them were released in 2019, but they’re still in my soundtrack for 2019.

In the beginning of 2019 I was in Portland, Oregon. My first year of college was officially done. I wasn’t happy with how I did overall in those two semesters. My main goal since graduating high school had always been to transfer to UNR. But with that performance from my Freshman year, it wasn’t looking all that bright.

In terms of fighting, college won by unanimous decision in a 5 round fight. There was a 10-8 in there for sure…

It was a very weird mental space to be in. I was very down because of my grades, but at the same time I was in this cool new state with my best friend. It’s easy to say, “Just forget about it and have fun.” I can’t do that. Luckily, the trip really was a blast. I was able to enjoy it for sure. However, it was in the back of my head the entire time.

I’ve noticed that very key moments in my life had involved traveling in some way. For some reason, traveling to new places like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago, inspires the shit out of me. Weird I know. With all that being said, I was extremely motivated to actually try next semester.

Once my most prevalent problem was past me, doing well the first semester of Sophomore year, the next “problem” I had was the realization of how little time I had to do good. I wouldn’t even call it a problem. It was just the next thing that lit a fire under me to actually try. I think what helped me improve was realizing that that was not something I could accomplish without actually trying and doing the work.

Luckily the first semester of sophomore year went well.

Fast forward to to the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester. I knew I had my work cut out for me with my class schedule. In the fall I took English 102, Environment 101, Journalism 102, and Math 120. I fully understand how easy that schedule is compared to a lot of other people. Keep in mind I am not good when it comes to school. School was never something I felt good at. Plus I was working a little over 30 hours a week at work. It just felt like a whole lot.But even with that much weight in mental stress, I didn’t feel like I had a choice but to whole ass this semester.

For me to just get through a day, I have to essentially hype myself up mentally. Whether it’s through music, or reminiscing on something that made an impression on me. Not only was it the beginning of the new semester, but more importantly the start of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite weekly on TNT at 8pm (wish I could watch live).

That first episode of AEW was so much fun. If you are a wrestling fan born after the year 2000, all you hear about are the Monday Night Wars. It was WCW vs. WWF, but more importantly it was the Attitude Era. It’s all that is ever talked about and it always felt like WWE would never stop reminding you (with the exception of NXT). I was in Chicago for ALL IN and was fortunate enough to be I was at the first AEW show (*fun fact* i’m in the commercial) ((does that mean I’m over?)). Getting to watch those group of guys accomplish something great will never get old. It will always inspire me.

With all that being said, I finally had my Monday Night Wars. Except mine are the Wednesday Night Wars and it’s NXT vs. AEW. For the past two months, Wednesdays have been the best part of my week. No matter how overwhelming school got, I had one guaranteed good night on Wednesdays.

(Mandalorian added a guaranteed good night on Fridays)

Another thing I took very seriously in 2019 was working out. In January I started to go with my friend Adam whenever he would invite me. It was around this time that I started to realize how hand in hand mental and physical health are. Starting off with a friend was the easiest way to transition. In the summer, Adam had left for two weeks to go on vacation. Prior to that, I hadn’t gone to the gym alone. It was a weird turning point for me. It was an accomplishment to me. I was at a point where I could go alone and stay consistent. 

The hardest part of working out to me is the first month. Once you get past the first month, it gets easier and easier to keep it consistent. The bump that people have a hard time getting over is repetition. Set small goals and accept that the progress will take months, if not a full year. Challenge yourself to be better. One of my favorite things to tell myself that also makes me laugh is, “Conquer your inner bitch!” It’s a quote from Joe Rogan and it helps. 

Or a quote from fitness icon and influencer, Adam D. Bishop, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Chills.

Another highlight for the fall was my interview with Killer Kross and Megan Olivi of course. Both of those interviews were an absolute blast. A big reason why I love to do interviews is because of the people I get to talk to. Nine times out of ten I’m always able to learn or take something positive away. Honestly every interview has given me a life lesson.

I was so focused on fixing my priorities for the fall in general. I had seen a video on twitter posted by Stephen A. Smith that I feel sums up my mentality for the fall. (No it’s not any of his legendary memes). In this video, Stephen A. said Denzel Washington told him, “Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do. Whatever sacrifices need to be made, identify them. Be willing to put in the work. Don’t look for shortcuts and go forward.”

The beginning of 2019 didn’t go as planned. I was soo soo tired of the feeling of messing up. Luckily, the end of the fall was much different. My final grades for the semester were two B’s, one A, and one C. My final GPA was a 2.69, UNR transfer requires 2.5. I should be submitting my application soon.

Im excited to see what 2020 has to offer. No other option but to get better and accomplish more.

Do. The. Work

Thank you for reading 1137 words of nothing! Good luck to everyone this year!

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