What’s up?

It’s been a while since I’ve written on the blog. My apologies for that. Shit is going down right now huh? Ever since the Corona Virus started cancelling word events, it’s been very weird out in the world. I currently work for Target which is considered an essential business. Luckily for retail people, our payrolls are being boosted by an additional $2. Our work lives haven’t changed at all in regards to schedule.

Honestly it just feels like a 4th quarter. The worst day of 4th quarter is without a doubt Black Friday. Im sure I’ve written my first real day at Target being on Black Friday before. I had one day of training for the area I was hired for, only to return on BLACK FRIDAY AS MY FIRST DAY ON THE CLOCK.

No way it couldn’t get worse.

Naw. . .

I was in charge of the ENTIRE BLACK FRIDAY LINE hahah. I hindsight I have no idea how I managed to do it. Oh there were some real assholes that day for sure. At one point that day I had a man point to me and announce to the line, “He has no idea what he’s doing.”

Luckily during all of this I have never felt unsafe at work. However the feeling of anger, worry, and stress were radiating off of a lot of customers for sure. You would think people would be nicer. But nope. About two days ago I was standing in front of an aisle while looking down at my device. The store had only been open for 15 minutes so people were still walking in a single file line to the toilet paper.

As I’m looking down at my device, this middle aged white lady comes to me and in and says, “I was waiting outside for one hour for bleach and you guys didn’t tell me it was out!”, she then stormed off. I just looked up and then around thinking, “What the fuck just happened?”.

It’s those people during times like these I despise. Whatever drives a person to look at someone they have never met and then to be just be so nasty to that individual, I’ll never understand. I was the closest thing to the establishment she had so it was her way of apparently speaking to Target as a whole? What made me more mad was her storming off. Some real punk ass shit. It’s equivalent to a random person spitting in your ear then storming off.

Imagine that?! If someone did that to you, you’d be confused and mad as shit.The need to feel more powerful then a random stranger is so toxic, that shit is a disease unto itself.

Just be nice to the people who still have to work. It’s not that hard people.

Dave Chapelle Wu TangMy apologies for the rant, I don’t want the entire blog post to be about just that because I know I’m not the only person who feels a level of anxiety while working during this strange time. Keep killing it guys. It sucks, I know. At least we’re making that C.R.E.A.M.

I’ve actually been wanting to write about everything I’ve been listening too as a of late.

I’ve really made it a point to try and listen to more current music this year. A lot of times in the past I would only play maybe the same few playlist and same albums for the year. It wasn’t as diverse and deep as I had always wanted. It’s a lot of fun to really lean into a new artist you’ve found, and it’s also fun to be able to hop back into a great playlist of your recent music. Especially once you have so much new and current music curated. It’s been a fun digging through current, and old stuff, because it helps keep everything feeling fresh.

Sometimes you can get burned out with a song, an artist, an album, to a playlist. It’s just a natural thing that happens. Once I had a lot of new artist and current stuff in my playlist, it was fun going back to my older “catalog” of music and see what could still fit with the current stuff. I’m still going through treasures from 2019 as well.

(I consider late releases in December apart of the 2020 conversation)

New artist I’ve been leaning into are JPEGMAFIA, Freddie Gibbs, Thundercat, Denzel Curry (again), Anderson .Paak, and Boldy James.

The albums in my rotation are:

Circles by Mac Miller, All My Heroes Are Cornballs by JPEGMAFIA, Bandanna by Freddie Gibbs, Ventura by Anderson .Paak, The Price of Tea In China by Boldy James & The Alchemist, Veteran by JPEGMAFIA, and Doris by Earl Sweatshirt.

Here are my current top 15 songs:

1.Grimy Waifu by JPEGMAFIA

2.Free the Frail by JPEGMAFIA

3.Baby I’m Bleeding by JPEGMAFIA

4.Crime Pays by Freddie Gibbs

5.Alone Again by The Weekend

6.Floating by Mac Miller

7.After Party by Don Toliver

8.A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II) by Thundercat

9.Tokyo by Thundercat

10.ULT by Denzel Curry

11.Blue Laces by Nipsey Hussle

12.Take_it_Back_v2 by Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats

13.Complicated by Mac Miller

14.Pinto by Boldy James and the Alchemist

15.Grey October by Boldy James, The Alchemist, and Evidence

My favorite album right now is without a doubt All My Heroes are Cornballs From JPEGMAFIA. I feel like this album deserves a whole article because there is no way to fully express my appreciation for the work JPEGMAFIA delivers. Dude will randomly release music whenever he feels like it and it’s always great.

JPEGMAFIA aka Peggy (of Ray Allen) is a rapper, singer, and producer from Baltimore. His music is entirely made by him. From every beat to every mix. He’ll bang on tables to make beats for songs and use his environment to make music. It’s really hard to describe his music to people. It’s completely unique. A lot of people will see weird song titles like Jesus Forgive Me, I am a Thot, Thot Tactics, BasicBitchTearGas, and Buttermilk Jesus Type Beat and immediately be uninterested or turned off. Luckily for them that’s what JPEGMAFIA is trying to do. The reason is because this is how he weeds out the people he doesn’t need listening to or criticizing his music.

Once you listen you may feel this abrasiveness for what may initially feels like an onslaught of random noises. Some songs may seem disjointed, glitchy, and laggy at times. All of that however is intentional. Once you can understand that every little knows you hear is placed there for a reason it’s even more fun to listen. For a good amount of songs off this album, I feel no matter how “abrasive” it may be, there is always a chance to breathe in the song. Once the beat starts to mellow out, the addicting vocals of JPEGMAFIA take over.

Peggy’s music is filled with noises from gaming consoles, to console error messages noises, and of course video games. His music is also filled with (my personal favorite) a ton of pro wrestling references. JPEG uses the iconic, “You think you know me?” line from WWE wrestler Edges entrance theme. He’ll also refrences current wreslters such as Sami Zayn and Rich Swann. Peggy even mentions Swann in his last album Veteran.

From his song Rap Grow Old & Die x No Child Left Behind he say’s, “I feel like Sami Zayn, my moves makin’ waves.” From the song Thug Tears he says, “Rich Swann, we gon’ cash in.”

While his albums are fun in those regards, they are filled with very raw and real emotion. You can feel the vulnerability in every song. He gives it 100x every time. What made me appreciate his album even more after listening to it a few times was his live performances. His energy is absolutely through the roof. He’s stage diving the multiple times, moshing with the crowd, and really just doing whatever he wants. Peggy feels the need to give it his all every time because the appreciates people spending there money on him to see him live. Obviously I can’t recommend this album any more if you can’t tell.

With the release of Doom Eternal, and Resident Evil 3 around the corner, 2020 has been great in terms of content. Let’s hope this all gets better though so we can once again enjoy life the way we knew it. Hopefully after all of this people will be a little more appreciative of the things we would always take for granted. Take care everyone, be safe!




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