Quarantine/Life Update

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well during these super strange and confusing times. Things have been pretty quiet on this end. Hope you guys enjoyed the recent pieces with Jon Anik and Brett Okamoto. If you haven’t read them, I recommend giving them a look!

So the main reason for the blog post was to just update you all with what’s happening with the site. I’m currently writing to you from my new MacBook Pro. I was finally able to upgrade from my previous laptop. It’s pretty nice having ya know, a functioning laptop that doesn’t take 30 minutes to get going and doesn’t randomly disconnect/refresh apps. I may be broke as shit now but it was worth the investment. 

A big reason why I’m excited about the new upgrade is because of all the things I can do that I wasn’t able to do before. The main thing being starting a podcast. Podcasting is something I’ve loved for a long time. I’ve been listening to Podcast since 2014. I still listen/watch them pretty much every day. 

Podcasting was always something I knew I’d try. Luckily, it works pretty perfectly with journalism (obviously). I do plan on starting a podcast at some point. I’m still trying to figure out how I would be going about it. I still need to buy all equipment and really come up with a plan.  

It will probably be just your average podcast?  Wow what a great pitch!

As of now the plan would be to have one episode a week. I do plan on still writing out my interviews, but now they’ll also be on the podcast for you to listen to! The written form will be there to compliment it so that way I can keep my writing skills sharp while also providing you all with another platform. It’s going be a lot of work that’s for sure but I’m excited. But the longer and longer I go on without making these things happen, the more frustrating (and depressing) it becomes.

I think it’ll be pretty hard getting a new special guest every week so the majority of the time I’ll most likely have a friend there. My goal will be to have at least one special guest a month which I think is doable. What I love about podcasting is how diverse it can really be. The root of a podcast, and an interview, is a conversation. Luckily with journalism, a conversation is your job. There are so many people from all walks of life I would love to talk to. 

A podcast that I’ll use as example is The Honey Dew with Ryan Sickler. Ryan is a comedian, and on his podcast, he’ll bring his friends (fellow comedians) on to tell stories about their life. They highlight the lowlights (as Ryan would say). The stories are sad, entertaining, and hilarious. Really, it’s just making light of shitty life moments and having a laugh about it. I can’t recommend it enough. Obviously, the plan isn’t to do just that, but that’s the way I’d like to try and do the podcast when it comes to the one on ones with the special guest. It won’t always be about their life’s, most of the time it’ll be about what they have going on. 

I was also planning on reporting on some news in the beginning half of the podcast as well. Nothing super specific, just the things I’m interested in like music, movies, sports, videogames, and all the above. 

Just know that the main purpose of this podcast will be for experience. Getting comfortable talking on a mic and sharing news, stories, and experiences. We all have to start from, somewhere right? This was probably a terrible explanation, but I will have many more details and a better way of describing the plan once the process actually begins. Step one was the laptop! Next is equipment and a final plan!My goal was to have the podcast up and running by the end of August but I’m not too sure I’ll be able to hit that. This isn’t something I want to rush, so at the absolute latest hopefully we are good to go by winter. Hope you’re all there for it!

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