About Me

My name is Miguel Navarro, but you probably already knew that prior to clicking this page. I am a Freshman at the College of Southern Nevada studying Journalism. Games Journalism is the field I would like to end up in.

Why Journalism?

Well it was a simple decision for me honestly. Around the 7th grade I noticed that writing was something I liked to do. While most kids groaned and whined over essays, I particularly enjoyed them. Writing helps me express the things im passionate about and allows me to be creative and articulate.

Why Games Journalism?

Growing up I played video games. Some of my earliest memories come from moments in video games. Through my PlayStation 2 I was able to see how games could tell long, good, and memorable stories. I played games like Mortal Kombat: Deception, Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom, Smackdown vs Raw 2006, and Halo 3 (what a variety). Most games I probably shouldn’t have been playing, but I seem to have turned out alright. After all, video games don’t make kids violent. It only made sense making a connection between a passion (video games) and something I was actually good at (writing).

Where I’d Like to End Up

I always give the same two answers when asked this.

Since middle school, IGN was a website I visited everyday. They are the biggest games site out there currently. But they also cover movies, comics, and everything pop culture. Getting to work for the company I’ve been reading for years would be amazing.

Kinda Funny is the other company I would love to work for. Kinda Funny is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of content. From movie reviews, daily gaming podcast, weekly podcast, morning shows, lets plays, as well as other videos. While IGN does offer these pieces of content, working at a company with 7 people (as of now) that has a small, positive community is a dream job. I’ve been following the wonderful people of Kinda Funny since they were in a spare bedroom.

the YouTube channel Funhaus as well. They’re identical to Kinda Funny in some ways. Funhaus also delivers plenty of options for entertainment such as Podcast or even sketch shows. Like ‘Kinda Funny’, they are also apart of the Rooster Teeth family. Ending up at either company would be a dream come true.

Contact Info

Email: migsnavarro15@gmail.com

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